Thursday, March 1, 2012

Raptr Social Gaming Network Launches New Reputation System

Raptr is an interesting beast.  It’s been around for 5 years now and has always promised to integrate the social elements of games into one place.  It sucks in your XBox Live, Playstation Network, Steam, Google, Facebook and Windows Live accounts into one seamless chat, and lets you assemble a meta-profile that you can share with friends.  The feather in the cap, though, is that once you’ve done that, you can add video games to your profile and track achievements that you’ve gained in various games.

Raptr has just released a new gaming reputation system designed to measure a user’s skill in the games they play.  Gamers are able to upgrade their ranks by playing games and getting achievements.  This new gamification certainly amps up the competition at the social network and highlights the fact that there still is no leading hardcore gaming social network.  Raptr is certainly trying, as is Steam and even new players like OnLive, Raptr and GFace.  There’s a lot of potential in having a social network dedicated to highly competitive complex games — if only as a place for dedicated gamers to take reprieve from the onslaught of casual gamers on Facebook.

About Raptr, CEO Dennis Fong said:
“Earning ranks gains more than simple bragging rights,” said Dennis. “Our goal is to leverage a user’s gaming persona to make their experience better, via giving them an outlet to show off their accomplishments, discover more relevant content, or earn rewards simply for playing games.”
Gamers will start as “newbie” and advance all the way to “elite” if they are in the top percentiles in time played, achievements unlocked and other factors.  Benefits for being an Elite may include real rewards, although that program will be developed in the coming months.

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