Monday, May 7, 2012

6waves’ latest title Ravenshire Castle

6waves’ latest title Ravenshire Castle is a strange beast. Combining elements of citybuilding gameplay with tactical stealth action, it looks like being the final entry in the “Ravenworld” series, thanks at least in part to the dissolution of 6waves’ internal development teams. But does this series end with a proud lion’s roar, or simply a whimper?

Ravenshire Castle casts players in the role of a lion or lioness revealed to be the heir to the titular estate. The castle in question has fallen into disrepair over the years, and it’s up to the player to restore it to its former glory by building and expanding, harvesting resources and retrieving the lost Ravenshire treasures from a series of rival castles.

Gameplay unfolds in two main parts. While at their own castle, players may build new rooms, build new items (each of which is designed to go in a specific room or outdoors) and collect income of currency and resources from objects and crops. Quests are provided by a series of quirky animal characters who gradually move in to the player’s estate as story progress is made.

Gameplay in this first part breaks with very few genre conventions — there’s building, crop harvesting, collecting items and all the usual activities — though there is a noticeably stronger focus on gathering specific resources to complete building projects than some similar titles. Most resources can be collected either by asking friends or by harvesting from the appropriate items. Some may only be gathered from rival castles, which is where the second part of the game comes in.

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