Sunday, June 3, 2012

Features Of Adobe Flash Player 11.3

Adobe Flash released a beta of their upcoming Flash Player Cyril- Flash Player 11.3. The 11.3 release focuses on adding a number of features that would make Flash a more attractive gaming platform. To this effect Flash developers have added support for streaming textures. Games running using Stage3D can now stream textures, starting with lower quality and increasing quality as the texture load.

Flash also adds support for keyboard input while in full screen mode. With this feature, games are essentially limited to windowed mode if they need any kind of keyboard control. Full screen input will ask the user for permission, since it has the potential for misuse.

A number of improvements to audio have also been made, with support for low latency audio in their streaming API. Low latency audio support has also been added to their Sound API. Native JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) support enables ActionScript Flash programmer take advantage of fast parsing and generation of JSON-formatted data. Existing data could be integrated with minimal or no modification to the ActionScript project. Other interesting new features include FrameLabel events, now quality for individual bitmaps can be changed with support of Bitmap.drawWithQuality, the release outside mouse event is back and Flash Player now supports native encoding of bitmap data to PNG, JPEG, and JPEG XR. The last one will greatly improve the performance of online image editors.

While Flash Player 11.2 introduced auto-updates for Windows, 11.3 introduce auto-update for Mac OSX as well. For this release of AIR, Adobe seems to have focused on mobile. A number of new features have been added to AIR:-

* AIR supports USB debugging of applications running on iOS devices.

* For AIR apps running on Android 4.0, Stylus support has been added.

* For those developing AIR applications for iOS on Mac OSX, the developer tools now support running AIR apps in the simulator.

* AIR apps are now better while running in the background. They can perform network operations in the background and get notifications when the app is about to be suspended.

Finally, for Flash developer of AIR applications for Mac OSX, AIR adheres better to Apple guidelines. The next Flash Player release code-named Dolores will focus on performance, after which there is to be a major revamp of the core language and runtime, which might just mean Flash Player 12. Flash animations and Flash introductions are intuitive and enable the creation of applications that demand user attention and can be easily integrated into Web applications to make them highly interactive.

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