Friday, June 22, 2012

Bubble Raider Facebook Based Bubble Shooter Puzzle Game

Bubble Raider is a Facebook-based bubble shooter puzzle game from UK-based developer PlayDemand. The game has been available since December of last year, but has been showing particularly strong growth since the beginning of May. At the time of writing, the game is the No. 11 top gainer by MAU this week with an increase of 220,000 (76%).

Bubble Raider’s basic mechanics are very conventional for the genre. Players fire bubbles from a cannon at the bottom of the screen using their mouse and must “pop” groups of three or more connected like-colored bubbles. Any bubbles which are no longer connected to the top of the screen after a group has been popped fall to the bottom and provide the player with a bonus. If the player takes too long to complete a level, the “ceiling” begins to descend, pushing the remaining bubbles further down. If the bubbles cross a line at the bottom of the screen, the level is over and the player must expend a life to try again.

Alongside the level-based mode, known as “Journey,” Bubble Raider also includes two additional ways of playing. “Time Attack” is a “blitz-style” mode, where players have a minute to score as many points as possible. In this mode, the ceiling does not descend, but clearing over half of the screen causes new groups of bubbles to scroll down, providing a potentially “infinite-length” level. Players are ranked against their friends on a weekly leaderboard in this mode, can send bragging Timeline posts to their friends and can make use of soft currency to purchase powerups — though the earning rate of this soft currency is very slow, making it practically essential to spend real money if players wish to take advantage of these boosters.

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