Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Third Dimension in Flash Enables Web Sophistication

Adobe Flash has been able to retain its popularity and reputation solely because of its capacity to scale itself to meet the requirements of users which changes drastically within short spans of time. Evolution of Flash and the ActionScript platform has been highly resourceful enabling Flash developers to develop entities in high standards.

Users from all over the globe have become very sophisticated and the websites they have started using are also expected to be top-notch. The progress in technological advancements has been rapid in the last decade keeping the process of development of other technologies on their toes. The increase in bandwidth especially has made it simpler for end users to access material on the web which is more evolved and browse through web pages rich content within seconds. From being a simple platform for developing vector animations for the web, it has matured into one used to develop complex applications run on multiple platforms.

The applications developed by Flash programmers tend to consist of graphics, animation, video and sound. These media content is completely controlled in the Adobe Flash platform using ActionScript 3.0 which is a powerful language using object oriented programming. The latest inclusion in Flash’s process of evolution is the addition of the 3rd dimension in its applications and games.

Already there are various 3D features existing in Adobe Flash Player and Flash Professional CS5 which have been used to develop projects using the Adobe Flash platform and ActionScript 3.0. The advancements which have been planned in the Flash platform are anticipated to enable a Flash developer to integrate add-ons to enhance the 3rd dimensional functionality during project development.

Flash professional CS4 was the first version to integrate 3D in the flash platform for flash developers to use although many other developers have found methods to simulate 3D attributes in their Flash projects. As of this version of Flash, the video content integrated in a project can be enhanced to have 3 dimensions. This can be done using the options available in the interface of Flash or by utilizing the coding aspect of ActionScript. Objects in the flash platform used to have the horizontal property of ‘x’ and the vertical property of ‘y’. In addition to these two dimensions a Flash programmer can add third dimension of ‘z’ which will define the depth of the object to their project. Additional functions of moving and rotating the object in the 3D space can also be activated using this version of Flash.   

Using these options the objects which are still in 2 dimensions can be manipulated and observed on the 3D space. Even by using a third party platform these actions can be performed by the Flash ActionScript programmers. By default the Flash platform considers the objects as two dimensional only, only when the object which is placed is altered it starts taking the 3rd dimension into consideration.

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