Thursday, February 16, 2012

Social Gamers Spend 75 Percent Of Social Networking Time Playing Games

Social game developer, RockYou, and the marketing research firm, Interpret, announced the latest findings of their ‘Social Gamer Thought Leadership Study’. The study is the first-of-its-kind as it analyzes behaviors, motivations, and purchase intent among the US social gaming demographic. The results both reaffirm existing assumptions and provide some insightful information about social gamers. More after the jump.

The study surveyed a range of over 2,000 social gamers in the US aged 18 and older, 60% female and 40% male, who play at least one hour a week. The results break down the social gaming market into four types of social gamers: players willing to spend money to get ahead, hardcore players who like to brag about their achievements, non-tech savvy players who just want to play for free, and those that play a lot but still don’t want to spend any money (see infographic).
“RockYou is investing in the development of the social gaming landscape and its growth as a powerful advertising medium,” Julie Shumaker, SVP and GM of Media at RockYou said. “This study enables us to better understand social gamers and their motivations and provide advertisers, agencies, and social game developers with actionable information they can leverage in a rapidly evolving social economy.”

According to the study, the average social gamer spends an average of 9.5 hours playing games out of the 13 average hours they spend on social networks. The average user has about 16 real-life friends playing these games with them and has made 20 new friends through social games.

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